Cash is your life blood.  These tips may help you get control of it.
Get Control of Your Cash

>  Know the difference between profits versus cash.  You can’t spend profits.

>  Positive cash flow from operations is key.  Don’t rely on cash flow from investing activities (non-operating sources) or financing activities (stockholders, lenders and other stakeholders) to ensure long-term success.

>  Know your customers and aggressively work your accounts receivable.  Your receivables have to be current if you expect to collect them.  Understand how good this valuable asset really is.

Don't tie up too much cash in inventory.  Think small, lean and agile.

> Deposit checks as soon as possible to get quicker availability and to spot potential problems earlier. 

>  Keep your eye on sales and gross margins.  We want increased sales, but only if they add to our bottom line. 

>  Forecast your cash needs for the short-term (6-12 months) to identify challenges and opportunities. 

> Keep open and current relationships with bankers and other lenders.  Lenders shy away from a borrower who only shows up when he/she is desperate, but look favorably on a business owner who they know and trust.

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