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The SBA encourages business owners to get those loan applications in now.  Google and the SBA have unveiled a collection of online resources to help small businesses harness technology to grow their business.  Check out  "5 Toxic Beliefs that Ruin Careers" and 2 Sentences that Engage Customers, both by Geoffrey James.  Tom Peters has some great comments on persistence

and Cash Management Trends

Today's accunting systems can streamline your business.  You need to know what is happening to your accounts daily, not just once a month when you reconcile your bank statements (you are doing this, aren’t you?).  Remote Deposit Capture is available for small businesses to get your checks deposited quicker saving you time and allowing faster access to your cash.  Online banking and today's accounting systems have features that allow you to pay your bills electronically, thus avoiding keeping blank check stock, registers and even paper bank statements.  Mike Periu has some timely tips Why Cash is the Key to Success and Barry Moltz shows us 5 Fastest Ways to Go Out of Business.  Guess which is first.

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Chamber of Commerce events are a great way to meet new people and promote your business.  Take advantage these opportunities!
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